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Create facilitator guides and participant workbooks in half the time it takes you now. Eliminate tedious formatting tasks. Concentrate on content. Build reusable modules and lessons to support your training programs. Or let us do it for you, which is even faster.

Great Circle Learning provides software and services that make it faster and easier for you to get your work done.

From simple handouts to sophisticated facilitator guides, we offer... 4 products... 7 benefits

Customer reviews:

"I love zAPPs-apps!" - Colleen Wessel, Training Project Administrator, Gas Technology Institute

"george! goes way beyond the PPT handout print function..."  - Kristin J. Arnold, MBA, CPF, CMC, CSP President, QPC Inc. - The Extraordinary Team

“LeaderGuide Pro has changed the way I work...” - Gaye Freedman Ed.D, Learning Solutions Architect at MGM University


Recent News from Great Circle Learning

Trouble getting budget $$$


You are not alone. As an Instructional Designer one of the toughest parts of your job may well be getting budget for the tools you need to do your work. This problem is tied in part to a broadly held perception that training lacks effectiveness.   Read more »

Customizing is BIG in the new v11 LeaderGuide Pro Plus

"We have 50 Word files that need to be consolidated into one facilitator guide."

Have you ever had this problem? To see what to do click this Dropbox link to an 8-page PDF. Or, hire us to take care of it for you, we can get the job done quickly.