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From simple handouts to complex facilitator guides...

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Cut your work time in half or more - and have professionally formatted documents you can easily share, edit and reuse in Word, PowerPoint & Excel.

Whether you are a speaker, a facilitator, an educator or a business professional who uses Word and PowerPoint to build documents to support your presentations and training sessions, then our software will help you. LeaderGuide Pro and george! for PowerPoint and Got-ur-Back and all of the zAPPs-apps tools add-into the Microsoft Office suite to make it faster and easier for you to use Word, PowerPoint and Excel to get your job done. All of our desktop software is developed by Microsoft MVP, Rich Michaels.

LGPro Plus LeaderGuide Pro Plus v10 will change your life

Make your custom facilitator guides and participant guides bulletproof and easy to share and maintain with the new LeaderGuide Pro™ Plus for PC and Mac Painlessly build facilitator & participant guides to support live and virtual instructor-led training. See NEW features >>>

Check out the customizing you can do by watching this video on YouTube Customize LGPro v10  You can do everything you need to easily.

Download a PDF of the life-changing features of LeaderGuide Pro Plus and the flexible affordable license options.Download

LGPro Elements LeaderGuide Pro Elements is simple to use and affordable

License for just $20 a month and quickly learn and use... LeaderGuide Pro™ Elements for the PC and Mac takes the pain out of building facilitator and participant guides and gets the job done fast. Imports PowerPoint slides and notes, as well as images files, to build consistent, formatted Word documents that are ready to print and easy to share, edit and maintain.

george! logo g part george! for PowerPoint turns all those slide files into professionally formatted handouts in a heartbeat

george! takes your slide files and publishes them as formatted handouts in Word - ready to print! And george! includes powerful image importing and updating features to cut your time from hours to minutes. And george! now includes TRANSLATION tools to make it painless to translate your slides and handouts for international audiences.

zAPPs-apps Z part of logo zAPPs-apps

The zAPPs-apps Collection automates common work tasks in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and ads extra functionality. Read what B2T Training has to say about the zAPPs-apps Collection >>>

The bottom line is that GCL software increases productivity and reduces cost on any project that involves the use of Microsoft Office.

Customer reviews:

"I love zAPPs-apps!" - Colleen Wessel, Training Project Administrator, Gas Technology Institute

"george! goes way beyond the PPT handout print function..."  - Kristin J. Arnold, MBA, CPF, CMC, CSP President, QPC Inc. - The Extraordinary Team

“LeaderGuide Pro has changed the way I work...” - Gaye Freedman Ed.D, Learning Solutions Architect at MGM University


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